Leg cramp

Have you ever experienced leg cramps? You may experience leg cramps at some point in your life. Sometimes, it happens in the worst of times, like when lying on bed or running on treadmill.

What's leg cramp? Leg cramp is a sudden contraction due to tightening of muscles in the calf. It usually lasts a few seconds to several minutes.

To ease it, you can stretch the muscles gently. But to find long-term solutions for leg cramp, you need to see what causes the occurrences. Here're five causes why you have leg cramps.

1. Dehydration

One of the classic causes of leg cramp is dehydration. No wonder athletes and sport fans are always cramped at all times, especially during the summer months without enough fluid.

2. Mineral deficiency

The loss of electrolytes can also contribute to leg cramp. If you're low in certain electrolytes and other minerals, the imbalance can trigger spontaneous cramps.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy increases the risk of leg cramp, especially in the second and third trimesters. If you're pregnant and have leg cramps, stay hydrated and consider to use magnesium supplements, of course, with the approval of the doctor.

4. Exercise intensity

If you try to perform new routine, the muscles automatically also do new movement. Any increase in exercise volume or intensity can trigger cramps.

5. Fatigue

You may be more exposed to leg cramps when exhausted. Physiologically, when the muscle is tired, it doesn't sync. Usually, it occurs in adults and often at night. Or you do one thing, like sitting all the time or standing for hours. Prolonged sitting may affect the muscles not to function.