Know condom

Condom is the only form of protection that can prevent pregnancy and infectious disease as well. However, although it's easy to find, condom isn't easy to choose.

That refers to the existence of various types of condoms on the market. Some have certain flavor. Some light up in the dark. Some are extra safe. Or some are nonlatex for those who have an allergy.

To determine which condom is right for you or your spouse, it wouldn't hurt to get acquaintance with the following types.

1. Durable

Long-lasting or delaying type is the right choice for longer pleasure. Using a small amount of mild benzocaine, this condom reduces the sensitivity of the penis to delay ejaculation. There's almost no difference with other condoms in general but its layer that tends to be thicker, so there's no excessive stimulation to the penis.

2. Extra safe

When the concern about the effectiveness are so high, ultrasafe condom should be an option. With this condom, you can enjoy intimate relationships without the fear of causing pregnancy or contracting infectious disease. The layer is thicker than the delay condom.

3. Tasteful

Oral sex activity will feel more pleasant and safe if you use flavored condoms. With a selection of delicious flavors, both men and women will enjoy oral sex while avoiding infectious disease.

4. Extra large

For men who feel they have a larger penis size than the average, marked by a condom that feels very tight when used or easily released during sex, this type of condom must be an option.

5. Nonlatex

If you or your partner has an allergy to latex, never indiscriminately choose condoms. Firstly, making sure the condom you use not contain latex is into the obligation to keep sex safe and, of course, fun. Nonlatex condom usually uses polyisoprene or polyethylene. A more natural feeling when using this type of condom sometimes also makes those not allergic to latex choose it.

6. Extra sensational

Textured condom is one of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of having sex. The existence of different textures, some have certain points, can provide additional stimulation during sex.

7. Extra natural, thin

Condom of this type can provide the sensation of closeness while providing full protection. Usually, premium quality latex becomes the basic element of this type of condom.

8. Mini

Never be ashamed to choose condoms with with a size smaller than usual if the usual one is loose or even often released during sex. If you still use this type of condom, you'll sacrifice not only pleasure but also the prevention of pregnancy and safety from sexually transmitted disease.

That's the eight types of condoms you need to know. Of the various types of condoms, which one suits you or your spouse?