Drive nipple hair

Not only in men, nipple hair is also found in women, not as popular as Adam's, just growing around the nipple. If you're less comfortable, you can expel the hair on the nipple.

Thirty percent of women in the world have fine hair around the nipple. The cause is genetic factor, AKA descent. However, not infrequently, this condition is caused by hormone imbalance.

You're not too concerned about the presence of this hair. But if you feel uncomfortable seeing the hair, simply cut and pluck slowly. Waxing and shaving aren't recommended because they can cause skin irritation.

You know, breast skin is a sensitive area and can affect your overall health. If you want to remove it permanently, you can do the hair by laser. But you must make sure that the treatment process is done only once a month for three months on ongoing basis.

But keep in mind, the method is only powerful to remove 80 percent of the hair. Moreover, laser treatment also requires high costs, but the process is less likely to cause pain and sore on the skin.