Biting for hotter sex

Biting you while having sex shows passion and aggressiveness in naughty but fun way. However, he needs to be careful when biting you.

For that, here're tricks to biting for hotter sex.

1. Release vampire soul

In missionary position, let him kiss while pressing your neck. The neck has a very sensitive nerve. Using his teeth in the area can be dangerous. Instead, he doesn't just bite but also spread his romantic kiss around the neck. It shows sexy, gentle actions.

2. Play body and crotch

During oral sex, he bites your body slowly to the genital. Closer to the area, your anticipation and passion get hotter. Before getting to the most sensitive part of the body, he should let his mouth sit silently on the other body parts you consider sexy and play around there.

Only when it comes to the territory, it's up to you whether you want him to keep biting or just kiss it with his lips and tongue. If you really want him to bite the genitals, he should do it slowly.

3. Give love bite

Sex in sideway position may be the most spirited because you have eye contact with your partner, and your body is also attached to fit him. Biting your body can add more intimate heat and sex elements. He gently bites your arm. Sometimes it's ridiculous, but you also find it very fun.

Those are the tricks to biting your body for hotter sex. Good luck.