Smell after having sex

"It smells like semen here," you say after having hot connection in bed. But, what the heck is that smell? That's what makes you smell something different after sex.

Vaginal lubrication, semen and secretion combine to create odor between two sweaty bodies. Lubrication and spermicide give a certain type of odor because whatever comes out of the vagina is acidic, and semen is basic. The two combine to create odor not like the smell of vaginal fluid nor sperm.

So, the smells of each sex depend on the pH level below. Food can change the pH there.

You still feel the smell despite using condom, especially if you have sex roughly. You can experience micro abrasions in the vagina that cause inflammation that makes it a bit smelly.

If it feels bad or suspicious, you should check for bacterial imbalance in the genital area. Something like bacterial vaginosis can create pH imbalance. Infection in semen can also be blamed for the smell, the odor accompanied by vaginal discharge.

If you feel the stench, it could also be due to bad hygiene habit. So make sure you and your partner wash the private parts before sex. Often, the vulva wash can also remove the smell.

If the smell really worsens, it could be another sign of sexually transmitted diseases, such as trichomoniasis. You should check with your doctor immediately.