Nomophobia dangerous

It seems many people, especially teenagers and adults, have been contracted to nomophobia, a type of phobia referring to someone who feels fear and anxiety without smartphone any time.

Nomophobia indication can be seen by noticing what you feel when your cell phone or device is left at home or away from you. If you feel fear and anxiety, as if you'll lose connection from the world, it's called nomophobia.

Nomophobia infects almost everyone. People who always use their phones all times usually feel very miserable when they're lost to. People who're very addicted to their cell phones feel pain, hurt and loneliness without them in their hands. It's referred to as acute nomophobia.

Parting with mobile phones can even make people who experience nomophobia at risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Nomophobia relates to the fear of missing out. People don't use their phones to connect with others but for their own needs. In addition, you develop emotional dependence on mobile phone because you put the detail of your life. That's where nomophobia can develop.

For teenagers, FOMO is what makes them feel anxious if they don't have access with their cell phones. For example, they feel worried if they don't see updates on Instagram and Snapchat. They may panic when they don't know what's going on in social media world.

How to overcome dependence on the phone? You should have a time where the phone is turned off when at home. It's better if you can control access to the internet and social media. After all, depending on the inanimate is no point, right, especially if it interferes with mental health?