Food makes urine pissed

Have you ever wondered why your urine often changes, both its color and smell? There're many reasons why your urine is suddenly very smelly.

Even so, don't panic immediately and assume it's a representation of your health. It could be because of what you eat.

Here're some foods that can cause your urine smelly.

1. Banana, salmon, turkey, chicken

Food that contains lots of vitamin B6 can cause strong urine smell if you consume it excessively. Vitamin not used by the body will be excreted by urine. That's what causes it smelly. Taking supplements that contain certain vitamins or drugs also has the same effect, as well as changing the urine color to light, greenish yellow.

2. Alcohol, coffee

These two elements can cause unpleasant due to diuretic. It applies to all types of alcohol and coffee. When consuming both, you'll often urinate that causes dehydration. It's where your urine smells.

3. Asparagus

You associate asparagus with rotten urine. Basically, it's a metabolite, a substance produced during metabolism. Only a few people can smell it, so you don't realize.

4. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout

Peripheral vegetable can cause strong odor in urine. It's because these vegetables contain a chemical called methyl mercaptan that produces bitter odor when consumed.

5. Curry

Cumin and coriander commonly contained in curry retain their chemical content when processed in the kidneys. It's what causes urine smelling sharp.

6. Wheat

It's usually eaten as cereal at breakfast. Puffed wheat can cause urine omitting odor, just as the smell of wheat when it's still in the bowl.