Hair loss causes

You must be worried about the amount of falling-out hair. For example, when you tie your hair, it feels like shrinking or thinning, or scatters in the bathroom.

There're several hair loss causes. This is normal if hair loss is as many as 50 to 100 strands per day. However, if more than that, then immediately check it to the doctor.

The following causes hair loss.

1. Genetic factor

The genetic is the biggest contributing factor. Minoxidil is a topical compound that can regenerates hair. Also, there's red light laser treatment that can increases the number of hair and the diameter of hairshaft.

2. Hormonal change

Choosing birth control pills is one way of the treatment. Or, if you pass childbearing age, usually, a doctor recommends antiandrogen drug prescriptions, such as spironolactone or finasteride.

3. Inflammation

How to treat it is with topical steroid prescription and with zinc-containing shampoo.

4. Low levels of iron and vitamin D

The right diet is the right treatment, or by adding supplements.

5. Drug

If a drug causes it, then you'd change it.

6. Quick fix

You wanna fix your hair in instant way that makes it more damaged. It's a good idea to try some solutions, such as using fiber powder for hair on rare area. Also, use the right hair spray to increase hair volume.