Sign you don't become yourself

Being yourself is a wonderful thing in life. Unfortunately, many people betray themselves by being someone else to please others. In fact, it tortures yourself very much.

Yes, to be yourself ain't easy. It took great courage to do so. Well, here're five signs you don't be yourself.

1. Praise badness

Sometimes, we can easily give praise to people close to us even though it's not really worth it. Try to hold praise, except on something that deserves it. Be honest with what you like and dislike.

2. Lie to please other

This is one of the things that many people do in life. Actually, there's the best way to not lie, i.e. not saying anything, alias being silent. Remember, lying to please others is one of the traits of self-deception. If your truth ain't pleasing to others, let it be because everyone has the right to believe it or not. The most important thing is to tell the truth.

3. Pretend to be happy

Indeed, happiness is natural. So it's hard to hide it, let alone pretend to be happy. If you can, it'll not last long. The best way to be happy is to get together with people fun and positive for you.

4. Afraid to argue

Usually, we're reluctant to express personal opinions in the forum and prefer to follow the majority. The reason is because of fearing our opinions are wrong or not accepted. In fact, it's not necessarily that our opinion is wrong. So, be true to your own opinions and values.

5. Impose yourself

There're many things that we really don't wanna do but, for various reasons, have to do it. If not able to do, then no need to impose. This is the time to evaluate and do the things you love because not being yourself will only bring more misery.