Way company knows its candidate

The time between applying for job and interview procession must be filled with a sense of excitement. That's why it's one of those times when you determine your future.

Don't get in those moments you make mistake or lie.

Company ain't the people who work in a few days. They've understood every detail, even characteristic, of new employee. One mistake can make your future threatened.

The following ways are how the company knows your mistake or lie.

1. Social media

If you can access social media anywhere, so does the company. Even your track record they can know. Sometimes, you unconsciously accept the friendship from your prospective company. That's where, sometimes, the company knows your data. A bit of wrongness can make your resume asserted.

2. Reference

The higher the position you want, the higher the standard is set by each company. Sometimes, the company will ask for the referral from your previous employer. Therefore, don't create the bad image where you work because your new company will find out.

3. Feasibility test

Sometimes, you make an excessive CV, like writing down all your abilities to attract the attention of the company. Just do it honestly. If you lie, you can be blacklisted because sometimes, the company will test you.

4. Wrong talk

Interview is one of the most important stages in job application process. There, you'll be dealing with the company. It can be HRM or your prospective manager. And remember they're not one-two-day workers. Company has the ability to read your gesture and speech.