Simple health check

Prior to the sick, the body usually shows signs. The body experiences lethargy, chill, fever or scratchy throat when it began to cough, and other signs that indicate it's undergoing disease.

There're five early signs to indicate whether you're healthy or not.

1. Nail color

Maybe you never think the nail can determine the condition of your health. That's the reality. In healthy condition, the nail is pink, strong and gentle. Striking change in nail can be a sign that you suffer from illness. For example, dark-yellow nail that grows pale indicates you're suffering from respiratory disease such as chronic bronchitis. Or if there's a curved line on the nail surface, commonly called Beau's lines, it could be diabetes. Then spoon-shaped nail indicates iron deficiency.

2. Urine color

Healthy urine is usually pale yellow. The yellowish color of urine can vary, depending on the amount of consumed fluid. When consuming a lot of water, normally urine tends to clear yellow. But when dehydrated, urine color turned into dark brown like tea. If there's sweet smell, strange odor, drop of blood or significant change in the urine that has nothing to do with drug, food or supplement you take, you'd immediately check it to the laboratory.

3. Ejaculate volume

At the age of childbearing, healthy ejaculation should be about two to five milliliters. If it's less than that, it shows you're in the less fertile condition. This condition is called hypospermia, a condition that affects male fertility. In addition to volume, the color and consistency of semen also shows the condition of the body. Healthy semen should be white or gray, and sticky. If there's blood, or it's not thick, it can indicate health problems in your body.

4. Heart rate

The value of heart rate varies, according to your age. Usually it ranges from 70 to 75 beats per minute. For adult, the rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute is considered normal. Well, if the pulse rate beyond the size, it means you have a serious health problem.

5. Skin elasticity

Skin elasticity is usually used to assess the degree of hydration of the body. Dull, inelastic skin means your body is dehydrated. An easy way to testing the elasticity is by pinching the skin on the back of the hand. When returning to its original position, it shows your skin is healthy.

What about you? Are you healthy?