Overcome bad breath

Piling plaque from bacterial decay of food particle and leftover in tooth, gum and tongue may cause odor. Besides, gum infection, for example, will obviously cause odor.

Eating food that smelled strong, like onion or garlic whose oil is absorbed into the lungs, then expelled when breathing, could be another cause of bad breath.

Dry mouth during sleep, for example, because the number of bacteria are on with things, breaking down food particles, and nothing flushes afterwards from the mouth, also makes the mouth so smelly.

Gastrointestinal disorder, constipation or bowel problem, or smoking and certain medication that enable dead cells to accumulate on tongue, gum and cheek can also cause odor.

The shortness of people with diabetes or lung disease also produces typical bad breath sometimes. Sweet-smelling fruit, for example, is a hallmark of diabetes. Rare but more serious disease, such as sinusitis and digestive disorder can also cause bad breath.

How to solve it?

1. Without drug

Bad breath can be solved by cleaning between teeth with a floss. After that, brush your teeth after meal. It's useful to get rid of food particle before the bacteria have a chance to change it, causing odor problems. In addition, also avoid food whose flavor is too strong.

Don't forget to brush your tongue to get rid of decomposition by bacteria and dead cell attaching to the surface. Replace your toothbrush every three or four months. Drink water as much as possible can also prevent the buildup of bacteria in the saliva in mouth and throat.

Trying one of the following medicinal herbs can also help overcome the difficulty of bad breath. Drink mint-flavored tea and frequently eat fresh basil, turmeric and Indian camphorweed.

2. With over-the-counter drug

Mouthwash can help reduce the source of odor in the mouth. High alcohol content can kill bacteria that works to decipher food particles. Containing tetrasodium pyrophosphate, mouthwash has a dual function: eliminating sticky plaque and refreshing breath.

3. With medical treatment

Consult a dentist to treat damaged or infected teeth and patch the pothole, also clean bacterium plaque in gingival sulcus and eliminate the space between teeth that becomes the leftover.