Swim for healthy lung

Healthy lungs affect respiratory systems and blood circulation throughout the body. For this reason, you'd leave bad habits that affect the health of the lungs as smoking and do the best exercise, which is swimming.

You breathe 20,000 times per day. Every breath will enter through respiratory systems of nose, throat, trachea and lungs. Oxygen will be channeled through blood vessels into the respective cells.

When you swim, in the same time, you inhale, hold and exhale, which are very effective for the optimal lungs.

Well, now, you see what're the plus sides of swimming.

1. It can burn energy by 350-700 calories per hour.
2. It has a minimal injury risk. The low risk only affects limb, joint and muscle.
3. When you swim in waist-deep water, it can reduce the stress on joint by 50 percent, and when it's at chest height, 75 percent. That's why swimming is good for people in recovery from injury.
4. It provides benefits to the body as a whole, consistently able to build the density of leg, back, shoulder and arm muscles.
5. Swimming is beneficial for the heart because it trains the body to use oxygen efficiently.
6. It's considered cheap in terms of equipment. It takes only access into the swimming pool alone.

However, swimming ain't recommended for people with aquaphobia.

Due to burning high calories, swimming could also be an alternative exercise to lose weight.

Happy swimming.