Healing food

Food is your medicine. It mayn't be popular in the medical world, but this message leads scientists to examine the health benefits of food.

For years, nutritionists conduct research to identify nutritional benefits of certain food. They study protein, carbohydrate, calorie, fat, mineral and vitamin in those foods to determine the benefits to human health.

Well, here're some foods that provide many health benefits for the body.

1. Honey

Honey contains antibacterials and antivirals. Honey is useful for wound healing and good for digestive health.

2. Green tea

Green tea reduces the risks of cancer, stroke and heart disease. Green tea is also believed to prevent type 2 diabetes and bone loss, and relieve inflammation of the intestine.

3. Pili

Eating about 42 g of pilis every day can be a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol that may reduce the risks of coronary heart disease.

4. Blueberry

Blueberry contains high level of antioxidant. The substance in this fruit can help slow agings, reduce the risks of diabetes, lower blood cholesterols, improve motor skill, as well as urinary tract health and eyesight, also have anti-inflammatory property.

5. Pomegranate

This fruit is rich in antioxidant. Pomegranate helps reduce the risks of heart disease and lower blood pressures. In fact, pomegranate helps lower blood cholesterols and reduce the risks of certain cancer.

6. Spice

Cinnamon helps lower cholesterols and stabilize blood sugar. Ginger helps improve digestive health and contains anti-inflammatory property. The benefit of ginger for cancer prevention is currently being studied. Meanwhile, turmeric is believed to slow the progressions of Alzheimer's disease and reduce the risks of cancer.

7. Yogurt

The best thing is, of course, plain yogurt. Yogurt contains calcium, magnesium, vitamins B2 and B12, and probiotic, known as a good bacterium in the gut, that're beneficial to digestive and immune systems. Eating yogurt regularly is believed to help lower blood cholesterols.

8. Dark chocolate

This type of chocolate offers good benefits for cardiovascular system, as well as protection from cancer. Not only that, eating dark chocolate can treat moods.

9. Salmon

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and protein, low in (saturated) fat, and as an anti-inflammatory. Health benefit includes prevention of diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and cancer, and helps cardiovascular systems.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli contains folic acid, and vitamins A, B6 and K. Contained minerals are, among others, calcium and potassium. Broccoli is considered healthy food that also helps fight cancer.

Many of these foods are all around us. Well, why don't you try to serve these foods in your daily menu?