Contraceptive gel

Contraceptive gel applied to the skin can be an alternative for you than pill. Used only once a day, this gel contains hormones as birth control, same as an oral.

Gel is more effective and acceptable, almost without any side effect that usually accompanies contraceptive pills.

Gel can be applied on the abdomen, thighs, arms or shoulders and quickly absorbed without leaving any residue. This gel is also suitable if you're breastfeeding, unlike the pill that could affect the quality of breast milk.

The maximum dose of gel is three milligrams per day. This gel suppresses the production of eggs by the ovary. This is an effective way.

If you use uncomfortable contraceptive methods, hence, this gel could be an option. Of course, this gel is only suitable if your skin ain't allergic against the base material of contraception.

For you, the number of contraceptive options is certainly very needed.