Why do newborns cry without tears?

Everybody cries. Infants to adults certainly have experience in tears in their lives. For babies, crying is the only way to communicate. A normal birth will cry when it's born.

Though its face becomes red, and it doesn't stop crying, it cries without tears. How can this happen?

When it's born, baby's tear glands only produce tears in small amounts to lubricate and protect its eyes. There're therefore no exaggerating tears when it cries.

Tears are produced when infants are 1 to 3 months. With the development of tear glands, the production is also increasing.

Meanwhile, if baby's tears are out even though it doesn't cry, there's a possibility that its tear ducts are clogged. Usually, this disorder can be normal by itself, but if baby's corneas appear red or swollen, maybe, there's an infection. Immediately contact a doctor.

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