Sweet but healthy snacks

Candy, sweet pastry and syrup are very tempting sweetened food and beverages. At the risk of diabetes, of course, eating sugary food should be controlled.

It'd be better and healthier if you eat naturally sweet food. If you still wanna eat sweet food, try something natural like the following.

1. Honey

Honey is only added in drink or bread. Honey is the best way to reduce mucus and allergies. Not only that, honey taste is much sweeter than white sugar.

Also add honey on pancakes or mix in salad dressing since it's an ideally natural sweetener.

2. Date

Date contains 60 percent of sugar. The drier the dates are, the more water evaporates, so the natural sugar content is higher. So instead of eating candy or sweet, it's better to eat dates as a snack.

3. Fruit

Many fruits have sweet taste, such as apple, pear and banana. The natural sweetness of fruit is very fresh and can get rid of thirst. It's better yet if you always bring fruit in bag when traveling to be consumed as a snack.

The advantage of eating natural sweet food, beside its sweet, is because it contains nutrients. The important thing to remember, though this sweet food is natural, is that you don't eat it too much. In the long term, it has the risk of diabetes that can lead to other complications.

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