You shouldn't eat here

In piling, sometimes we can't leave the office, even just for lunch. But do you know eating at the desk ain't good?

Well, there're five bad places.

1. Car

Eating on the street ain't a good idea. Fast food is usually eaten in the car; it's made for people who don't have much time, and its calories are high enough. Then when you eat while driving, you'll certainly swallow food so quickly that your hands won't be removed from the steering wheel.

Of course, you're also very busy to watch the road, so you don't pay attention any more to the amount of consumed food. If you gotta eat in the car, prepare a healthy snack or meal you know the number of calories well.

2. Kitchen

In the kitchen you're surrounded by food, so it's no wonder that you eat more than expected. The worst is you eat while standing in front of the refrigerator, open pantry or a box of food, making it difficult to keep how much the food you eat.

If you're hungry, prepare yourself to taste the snacks in a small container and sit at the dining table to enjoy it.

3. TV room

Television ads are sometimes dangerous for our appetite. All pizza, hamburgers, potato chips, chicken wings and ice cream advertisings are very inspiring people to eat at night. Not surprisingly, then you go into the kitchen and grab a bag of chips, a glass of ice cream and chocolate.

There's no harm in eating snacks while watching television, but still make sure that you look at the amount of calorie intake. It's better when you snack fruits only; it's more healthy.

4. Desk

It's a habit hard to stop, especially in an office, which requires you to skip the lunch hour. It makes no difference to eat in the car or in front of the television. You're busy at work and don't pay attention to what you eat, and before you know it, you've spent a full plate of food in a flash.

When you eat quickly and don't pay attention to every bite, your brain can't recognize how much you eat, then you'll still feel hungry. If you have time, try to get away from your desk at least 15 minutes, have lunch and be sure not to store food in your desk drawer.

5. Bed

There're several reasons why people eat in bed: sick, sad, or just a little lazy. However, eating in bed ain't good because it makes the sleeping area become unhygienic.

What you'd do is eating always at your dinner table.

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