Milk better than energy drink

Thirst and dizziness are signs of dehydration or lack of body fluids and electrolytes. In children, milk is better to treat the condition when compared with energy drinks.

The risk of dehydration is usually increasing during the day, especially when the weather is at its hottest. In addition through sweat, electrolytes contained in it also go out through evaporation on the surface of the skin, as well as when we speak.

Every one percent loss of body fluids, the body's physical abilities will decline by 15 percent. The signs include concentrating difficulty, increasing heart rate and body temperature, and feeling tired.

More severe dehydration can also lead to more serious organ damage, or even death. For example, in people who stay too long under the sun, there's often a heart condition called heat stroke.

Children are quite susceptible to the dangers of dehydration because they're still in their infancy, so the organ function isn't completely perfect, especially when exercising under the sun, and the air is dry.

Water is sometimes not enough because it doesn't replace the body electrolytes lost through sweat. However, for children, energy drinks aren't recommended.

Milk is far better for children to consume when exercising under the sun because the nutrients in it don't only replace lost fluids and electrolytes. Protein and calcium in milk are also good for the formation of muscle and bone cells.

Children are easily dehydrated during exercise, and they should have enough water to replace body fluids. Milk is definitely better because it's rich in protein, calcium, carbohydrates and electrolytes.

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