Marriage or divorce makes your body fat

The beginning or the end of a marriage becomes a freeway toward obesity. If you're a man, then the highway is named divorce. As for women, it's marriage that becomes the motorway.

When you enter a big change in your life, your bodyweight possibly creeps up. There's a small note about it: Obesity occurs in those who're married or divorced at the age of 30 years.

Fortunately, their overweight don't affect their health. Only a small proportion has influence on health.

Sixty-three percent of men gain weight even when divorced, compared with those who remain married life. Meanwhile, divorced women risk their weight increased by about half. The increase in weight is more prevalent in men or women who're married or divorced after the age of 30 years, even more in old age.

Why does the weight gain occur? It could be because married women are more active around the house, so they don't have much time to exercise. Conversely, divorced men lose their spouses who monitor their eating behavior, so it's uncontrollable. What about the adults who gain weight after getting married or divorced? It may be because they're more established.

Getting older, then making drastic changes in life, such as marriage or divorce, is a bigger shock than when you were a teenager.

It'd be underlined that these changes can only be looked two years after marriage or divorce. They can be changed if it's monitored any longer.

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