Happy at work

What're you looking for in your work? Perhaps, the answer can vary, such as salary, promotion or position. But do they all make you happy?

Instead of happiness, sometimes, work causes a person to feel stressed, frustrated, even unhappy.

Money or position ain't the key to happiness in the workplace. The greatest obstacle to happiness is your belief.

There're 10 simple ways to keep yourself happy at work.

1. Do work as good as possible

When something bad happens, don't blame yourself. Conversely, when you make a mistake, realize without judging. Do what you gotta do.

2. Learn to face adversity

This is an extreme endurance exercise. Some people can overcome the difficulties quickly while others can be very slow. Well, there's no point to accuse yourself in vain. Practice to do great things.

3. Don't revenge

Revenge against the boss or a partner can make someone unhappy. Forgive the mistakes of others; this is one of the keys to success to be happy at work.

4. Don't be jealous

Jealousy or envy of other people's success ain't the solution. Try to think positively because what happens to others will happen to you.

5. Discover passion to work in yourself

Focus on your job now. Dig your ability as much as possible. You work for yourself instead of necessity.

6. Introspect

You can imagine the problems that've been resolved several years ago and see in them to face the impending. It can help you find a new perspective.

7. Avoid fantasizing

Usually, someone is imagining an ideal job in accordance with his thought. This mindset must be changed, so that it doesn't conflict with your current condition.

8. Emphasize on process, not result

Sometimes, the results you want don't correspond to reality. If you're too focused on the goal, the disappointment can haunt you. Emphasize on the process, an investment for happiness.

9. Don't be selfish

Think about other people because your success is also determined by the people around you.

10. Suppose heavy work not as burden, but training for development

Nothing can be achieved easily. Think piled-up work as a training process to get to the next stage.

Happy working!

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