Positive thinking to master the subconscious

Your subconscious mind is a collection of all thoughts. Common sense realizes your good subconscious attitude.

To understand positive thinking is good, you need to find a picture of your subconscious mind. Imagine your brain is divided into two parts: the upper and the bottom halves.

Yes, it's almost like walnut. The upper brain regulates your conscious, unbiased mind that comes. The lower part contains your subconscious mind that provides diverse settings of bodily processes, such as breathing, digestion, and others, as well as desire, such as walking and talking.

Now imagine you're learning to drive. Each time the car should be stopped, your conscious mind is out, "Gently pull the right foot, move it to the brake pedal and press it gently." When you resume your conscious mind for several months, the settings will run automatically.

In time, you don't need to think for the brakes. Your subconscious mind is set. Now, you have a program in your subconscious mind for driving a car.

Every repeatedly conscious thought will be programmatic and become your subconscious mind.

So, what happens if, for example, you keep thinking consciously, "I always lose?" Yes, you create an automated program that's actually not necessary. So, you can continue to lose money in that case.

How to do with positive thinking? It's simple. You have 50,000 thoughts every day. For most of you, they're negative thoughts, like, "I've put on weight," "I'm forgetful," or, "I can't pay the debt," "I never succeed."

With negative thoughts, what subconscious attitude do you make happen? Most of your negative attitude is detrimental to your life and health without even you notice.

You wonder why you're so dispossessed and miserable. In fact, you yourself create automatic thought patterns. Just as you can program yourself to drive a car without thinking, you can do yourself to come late, for example, to be miserable, or even to go bankrupt.

However, God is then blamed!

Now, this is interesting. If you understand the patterns of your subconscious mind, you realize you don't hafta be a loser. Your future depends on your conscious mind. If you begin a discipline, your new conscious mind creates subconscious programs.

As well as the development of your unconscious attitude in terms of driving the car, you can develop it for success. Of course, you need to be disciplined in addition to the time.

Take another example. You start determining positively after attending a motivational seminar. You say, "My life will change!" Then you write new goals before a breakfast, "Get a job promotion, buy a fancy car and a luxury home."

However, the next day, you're refilled with negative thoughts, so on Friday, you complain, "Positive thinking doesn't produce anything!"

Positive thinking for one day ain't useful. Strengthening your mind ain't unlike the case with your body. If you do 20 push-ups then stand in front of a mirror, it looks no difference in your body yesterday and today.

It's just as well with positive thinking for 24 hours, there's no visible results. Disciplining your mind can take several months.

It seems a greater opportunity. Clearing your mind is carried out throughout your life. It's a great job! In fact, it can be much more difficult because you often don't realize you've been thinking negatively.

If you wanna check your mind, do your life. Wealth, happiness, quality of relationships with other people and health are reflection of your conscious mind.

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