Obese person's heart works harder

Why could obese people be affected by heart disease?

It's because excess body fat in obese people will most likely accumulate in some parts of their body and around their heart. This could make the work of the heart not efficient, and it's movements are limited.

In addition, the walls of the blood vessels in obese people are normally covered by fatty deposits, so that the arteries that supply the blood to the heart muscle probably become narrowed. It certainly has an impact; the blood to the heart is reduced, and the heart muscle has shortage of paramount oxygen.

But certainly, not all fat people must've experienced a narrowing of blood vessels. Skinny people also experience it.

In addition, the work of the heart in obese people will certainly be more severe because it must provide more energy to transport the blood throughout the body. As a result, the heart of obese people gradually gets used to do heavy labor.

Fat people are usually not as active as normal people. In addition to their rarely used muscles, their heart is poorly trained. When they need big power to climb stairs for example, their heart troubles to compensate.

It'd be noted that overweight people have a three-times greater risk of developing high blood pressure and a four-times greater risk of diabetes. They also have the possibility of a two-times greater risk of dying from a heart attack compared with those who have normal weight.

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