Eating carrot makes your skin sexy

Those who like to eat vegetables and fruit, such as carrot and plum, tend to have skin color more beautiful and healthy.

Carrot and plum contain a yellow pigment called carotenoid. Well, this substance is instrumental in making your skin beautiful, healthy and glowing.

Increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit only in two months, the result is immediately visible. Your skin becomes beautiful and healthy.

This finding could be a new strategy to encourage young people interested in eating vegetables and fruit. Regardless of the intention to beautify your skin, eating carrot and plum will also improve the overall quality of your health.

A healthy, beautiful skin is the benefit obtained in short term due to increased consumption of vegetables and fruit. Meanwhile, in the long term, this habit will prevent serious illness such as heart disease.

It's important to provide understanding for young people in order to eat healthy food to avoid a heart attack at the age of 40 years.

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