Brain difference between men and women

Men and women are different not just physically. In thinking, there's typical difference. It could be because their brains are different.

The male's brain tends to develop and has more complex space that makes men have unique capability in certain cases, for example, design, measurement and manipulation of physical objects.

The collection of nerves in the male's that connects the left brain to the right is smaller to one quarter than the female's. As a result, most men use their right hemispheres while women can maximize both halves of their brains.

This is the cause that makes women be more talkative than men.

The difference is also related to the hormones. Female's brain provenly contains more serotonin that makes women more calm while men are quicklier tempered. Women's brains also have more oxytocin, a substance that plays a role in binding humans with others or objects.

Two of these things clearly affect men's tendencies that more often act first rather than talk.

There's one more difference between male's and female's brains. The memory center of female's brain is larger than the male's. It answers the question why men more easily forget while women can recall many things in detail.

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