To be slim, you don't hafta go to the fitness center

Eating fried, fatty food, lack of exercise, as well as busyness at work are most of your lifestyle today. So, don't be surprised if your body is too stretchy.

So that your body ain't getting too stretched, and if you don't have time to exercise, start by doing housework. Some housework is proven effective in burning calories.

1. Mop the floor

Mopping the floor can burn 240 calories of energy. This activity can also strengthen your arms and waist. Oh, don't use any mop handle in doing this housework.

2. Cook

Cooking is a job that requires energy. Try to go to the kitchen and cook your own dishes to be served at the dinner table. Within an hour of cooking, you've burned 150 calories.

3. Paint

Take a look at the walls of your home. When the paint has started to peel, or you're bored with the color, well, this is your time to repaint. In one hour, you've burned 290 calories.

4. Garden

You don't need to call a gardener. Try to take care of your own garden at home. Gardening can burn 250 calories. When added to mow the lawn, it's improving the energy burn to 325 calories.

Remember always to move, move and move, so that the fat ain't stacked in your body!

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