Low-fat cooking tips

In cooking, we certainly want a good, tasty, and of course, low-fat cuisine. How to make low-fat dishes? We try the following tips.

1. Get used to measure the oil you use in cooking. Don't just pour it out of the bottle.

2. Use a nonstick pan, so it doesn't require a lot of oil. In sauteing, use a small amount of chicken broth or wine instead of butter or oil.

3. To make it fat-free, refrigerate chicken or meat broth. Fat will float, so it's easily discarded.

4. Nutrient content of some vegetables and fruit, such as potatoes and apples, is more precisely in the skin. So, cook vegetables and fruit with the skin.

5. Vitamin C rapidly dissolves during cooking, then cook vegetables that contain it with a little water and briefly.

6. Always provide spice stock in your cupboard. The key for low-fat, delicious dishes is on its spice. Don't hesitate to add the spice in your cooking.

7. Purchase a set of the best nonstick cookware.

8. When cooking dishes that require vegetables and meat, try reducing the meat one third and fill the shortage with vegetables. There'll be no difference, even healthier!

9. To thicken the sauce using milk, add a little flour and cook a little longer, so that the flour doesn't taste raw. Well, the fat from meat and milk will be slightly reduce.

10. Use olive oil for sauteing or making salad. It'll add a flavor to your dishes, and certainly healthier.

Happy cooking ....

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