Food that makes your gut healthy

When digestion ain't healthy, you may have constipation. A slow process of digestion is causing a discomfort in the large intestine.

When this happens in the long run, many diseases are lodged in the body; one of which is colon cancer. Colon cleanse with a proper diet is one of the simplest ways to maintain its health.

Start the day with a breakfast rich in fiber. Every day, eat at least 20–35 grams of fiber. It's also recommended to breakfast with fiber-rich fruit, such as apples, dates, mangoes and prunes.

You could just eat fruit alone or mix it with oatmeal or cereal.

Nuts and seed can be consumed as a snack throughout the day. They contain healthy fat and help increase the fiber in your diet. A handful of flaxseed mixed with fruit juice or some walnut in salad is ideal to meet the needs of fiber in your snack.

Eating at least 1–2 tablespoons of flaxseed every day can make your colon healthy. Flaxseed is the seed of flax plant believed to come from Egypt. This plant grows throughout Canada and the Northwestern United States.

Add nuts in the daily menu, for example, peanut butter for breakfast or mung beans for dinner. The beans will cleanse the bowel. You can also add nuts on fresh salad and raw vegetables to the deliciousness.

The fermented food is good for maintaining colon health. Add yogurt on your menu. This food help balance the intestinal flora and maintain regularity of bowel movements.

Drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy colon. Drink water in sufficient quantities, so that the body is hydrated. Water need also depends on many factors, including age, activity level, overall health and other criteria.

Importantly, make sure to set a glass of water on the table and always bring its bottle during the trip. Don't let the body get too thirsty.

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