Clean the vegetables of pesticides

All certainly knows vegetables are very important to get a healthy, fit body. Compared with the cooked vegetables, the raw ones contain more nutrients.

Unfortunately, pesticides make many people afraid to eat raw vegetables.

Buying organic vegetables doesn't reduce the risk of exposure to pesticides. Beside the price is still quite expensive, it's not possible that soil contamination occurs.

Actually, there's an easy way to get rid of pesticides on vegetables, i.e., by washing them with lukewarm water. Washing the vegetables with boiled water is more effective when you also use a special soap.

When they're washed with lukewarm water, nine of 12 forms of pesticides found in vegetables and fruits can be eliminated. Some chemicals in pesticides remain in spite of being already washed.

Sources of dirty water can also cause a contamination of the bacteria that causes infectious diseases such as typhus.

To eliminate microorganisms, you can use a soap that contains 10 percent vinegar. Vinegar solution can reduce bacteria and viruses on vegetables up to 95 percent.

Another way to make eating raw vegetables safe is with blanching technique, i.e., by dipping the material for about five minutes in boiling water, then immediately soaking it briefly under cold running water to stop the heating process.

This method is usually used for Chinese cabbage, cabbage, spinach, yardlong bean, carrot, bitter melon and chayote.

The blanching duration is determined by the texture of the raw material. Hence, blanching should be conducted with each intact vegetable. They shouldn't be mixed. After they're blanched, the vegetables are then chopped.