Afraid to go to school

Afraidness to go to school, or school phobia, refers to the reluctance of children to go to school due to an acute impact on school. Usually, this fear is accompanied by somatic symptoms.

Mostly, the symptom is in the form of digestive disorder.

The somatic grievances are often used as a tool to justify staying at home and will be lost once the child is convinced not to hafta attend school. The typical symptom of fear of school is nausea or stomach complaints at breakfast, and the children balk all persuasions and inquire about the reason why they hafta go to school.

If the fear is just mild, these symptoms are temporarily present. If these symptoms persist, they could be one of the most serious disorders in childhood. In some cases, these symptoms can last for years.

Fear of school ain't just bad for children and disrupting the family, but also able to be a real phobia that can't be lingering and serious repercussions in terms of the academic, social development.

Fear of school is generally considered rooting from fear of being in school and anxious to separate from parents because prior to school, children may never part as long and as often from their parents. The anxiety of splitting will be a major cause of school sick.

Environmental factors related to the situation in school can also increase the child's anxiety. Mothers mayn't also be willing to give up their children to school every day. Fear of teachers, schoolmates' threats, discrimination due to differences in economy, skin color or religion, inadequate clothing, moving to another class or school, or long absence are problems children face in school.

Mental ability below normal, the burden of housework, anticipation for failing the test and suffering sickness are factors that support children to distance themselves from school, not to mention that at home, they face problems, like insecurity, birth of a sibling, hospitalized mother, parents' excessive protection and deteriorated family finance.

Finding and eliminating the factors causing the fear of school can solve this problem successfully. Parents and teachers could improve the situation together.

Desensitization is a process of a therapy to reduce the intensity of the reaction to traumatic experiences by repeatedly exposing a child on these experiences, but more lightly, in realisticity or fantasy.

Operant shaping is an attempt to obtain or eliminate behavior as a result of the application of a positive reward to the desired behavior and a punishment for unwanted behavior.

Parents should try to ensure their children to have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and relevant skills. For example, children should be able to swim, so they can't be afraid of water.

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