Retirement ain't the end of everything

Retirement is an event full of emotion. What should be prepared before retirement?

So as not to hit the post-power syndrome, don't ever feel settled. Position is deposition. Anytime it can escape.

How to shape the post-power syndrome you experience? It depends on the orientation during your active time. If it's classified structure-oriented, the syndrome would undermine your self-esteem long enough. If it's function-oriented, it'll seek what can still be enabled from yourself.

So that retirement doesn't become a scourge, you're suggested:

1. Long before retirement, approximately in 10 years, begin to think what could be done if you were already retired.

2. Begin to dip into yourself. Keep your eyes and ears open. Look for what suits your interest and ability.

3. Prepare your family. Calculate your saving. How much do you hafta set aside each month?

4. Fill your leisure time with events that lead to your target.

5. If you don't have any activity, pursue your hobby.

6. Start writing down all valuable experiences during your life. At least it can be read by your children and grandchildren. If you've reached a top position or become a public figure who's gone through various eras, it could be published.

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