What's your success measure?

Success ain't a place or a final destination. Success is a life journey based on a map you design by yourself in line with your consciousness at the time.

Thus, your success shows you've reached a certain stage in your life journey. If you insist you're successful, you're failed. Why? Due to that mental attitude, you've stopped growing.

Life map you design should include all aspects of your life: spiritual, finance, business, career, family, personal development, travel, leisure, material and social, so you become more balanced. If your life is like a wheel, the achievements in every aspect are just like the spokes that connect the axle to the rim.

When the length of each spoke ain't the same, you can imagine how the life wheel is. Oftenly, just for pursuing one aspect, you expense the others. This situation ain't good to living.

On the other hand, according to the above definition of success, you need to renew your life map constantly. What you once viewed important, oftenly, along with the development of your consciousness and spiritual levels, it's eventually less, even not any more.

Vice versa, there were unimportant things once. They become essential now to achieve your success.

Success is your journey from one point to the next with your speed. Success is a journey with a starting point without the ending.

The first step to develop a life map is to dare to dreaming, a dream in a conscious state, not during a sleep. This dream is the thing you wanna accomplish in your life. You stopped dreaming shortly after you finished your college and went into a real life because you were finally aware of the reality.

Dreaming is now a skill difficult to teach and to learn. You've not had the courage to dreaming or thought about it.

Then, how to measure your success? How can you know whether you've been really successful in your life? All depends on what parameters you use to measure your success. You certainly have your own parameters.

However, there's one success measure deserving to listen. Your success measure is determined when you were lying in your coffin. At that time, what prayer was being said by your spouse and your children to God concerning yourself?

Although you were successful and famous, and grasping the world, but when you died, your family should feel happy and thank to God because they could now live freely and escape from the pain of living with you, you'd failed as a spouse, a parent and a person.

On the contrary, although you weren't famous, just living a mediocre life, but when you died, your family complained why God called you so quickly when they really needed you, and they felt so happy to live a life full of love and meaning with you, you knew you were a success, a real winner.

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