Smoking is more dangerous for women!

The number of men who smoke is more than women. But when addicted, women are more difficult to quit smoking. Whereas, the dangers of smoking on health are greater in women.

Why's that?

The cigarette poison kills more women than men. Women who smoke are 25 percent more likely to suffer heart disease than men. Strong impacts of cigarette smoke also explain why women are twice riskier of developing lung cancer because of the bad habit.

Women and men have difference in physiology. Low weight and narrowing blood vessels are major dangers for women who smoke.

Women can obtain carcinogens and other toxins greater than men with the same number of cigarettes.

Women's health is getting worse because it's affected by the smoking habit. The risk ratio for coronary heart disease between smokers compared with non-smokers is found to be 25 percent higher in women than in men.

Increased by two percent every year, this means the longer you smoke, the higher the risk of heart disease is for women when compared with men in the same time frame.

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