Better apprentice first

Unemployment is still high at this time. In fact, academic unemployees are still in the six figures. If you can't get around, when graduating, you, the students, will increase the number of unemployees.

To prepare you to face those conditions, it helps if you listen to this advice.

Answering questions about work experience often required when applying for jobs, you perceive it's equal to the time you become an employee, though it's not always so. Interning at companies and agencies, or participating in particular projects are already regarded as work experience.

Therefore, where still in school, it helps if you're active in various academic or nonacademic activities that could support you to face the world of work. It's better for you to graduate after seven years with three-year experiences than to pass exactly after four years without any of them.

Don't forget to include those experiences in your curriculum vitae.

Although it's failed, don't need to despair. Please try again. You must've high motivations to working. Don't be like fishermen who depend their results on nature, so that their work is based on the conditions.

So, you're not looking for work, but the jobs are searching for you.

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