These increase male hormone

Testosterone is one of important hormones in the human body, especially for men. This hormone tends to decline with age. Fortunately, it can be avoided because hormone levels are largely influenced by food.

Testosterone, or often referred to as male hormone, affects muscle growth, libido, as well as overall body organs and bone health.

In general, a lot of foods can increase testosterone levels, but certain should be avoided because of conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Well, here are four foods than can increase testosterone levels.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides. This mechanism allows the body to absorb coconut oil in order to prevent it from being stored as fat. It even encourages the body to eliminate the fat.

Coconut oil also allows direct oxidations and rapidly converts to energy. It is similar to the effects of simple carbohydrates. The increase in energy can extend endurance and overall testosterone.

2. Garlic

The whole hormones in the body directly understand each other. Therefore, a decrease in testosterone is often a response of other hormonal shifts. One hormone responsible for increasing levels of testosterone is cortisol.

Garlic has been shown to regulate cortisol levels and thereby increases testosterone.

3. Broccoli

Another hormone directly related to testosterone is estrogen. High estrogen can lower testosterone in the body.

Broccoli contains indole, a phytochemical that helps the body convert other forms of estrogen.

In addition, broccoli contains chromium to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as calcium that does hormones to prevent further fat storage.

4. Red meat

Red meat, such as beef and mutton, has been shown to improve the quality of testosterone. Zinc deficiency is the major reason of low testosterone, so high content of zinc in red meat is very useful for that.

Zinc supplements can increase freely levels of testosterone between 8-14 percent. This is because zinc can play an important role in testosterone serums in normal men.

In addition, saturated fats and cholesterols found in red meat are quickly converted into testosterone in the body. If you do not like red meat, eggs also have an equal role in increasing testosterone levels in the body.

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