Healthy snack after exercising

After exercising, you sweat and feel tired. You definitely feel hungry too. Don't be afraid of eating. Make sure the food you consume is dense in nutrients and low in fat.

The actual purpose of exercising is to train and build muscle. Well, the food intake can provide energy when building muscle. D'ya wanna know what foods you can eat after, before or during exercising?

You can eat four healthy foods below.

1. Banana

This delicious fruit is the best energy source for your body. If you'd jog or walk in short distance, eat a banana before. As a complex carbohydrate, banana provides enough energy for your body. It's digested longer and providing satiety.

This fruit is also recommended to be eaten at breakfast.

2. Egg

Egg is a good source of fat and protein that's good to be consumed before and after exercising. To avoid the incoming amount of fat, egg should be boiled, not fried.

3. Coconut water

After exercising, you'll surely feel thirsty. To overcome this problem and also to restore your power, drink coconut water, but don't add any sugar. Add a little bit of ice cubes if you wanna feel more refreshed.

4. Protein shake

You can make your own protein shake. Mix vanilla-flavored protein powder, nuts, yogurt and water in a blender. This drink provides extra carbohydrates and protein. Your body gets extra energy and ain't easily tired during exercising.

Go exercising.

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