Tomato prevents prostate cancer

The most reliable and efficacious compound in tomato is antioxidant lycopene. Chemically, the compound structure is unique, longer than the other carotenoids.

This makes tomato be able to protect your body from the damaging effects of free radicals. It's also able to protect you from a variety of degenerative diseases.

In your body, lycopene is stored in the liver, lungs, colon and skin.

From the survey conducted by Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, published on the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, it can be concluded that eating tomato and its dairy products will help reduce the risk of cancer.

That's possible because tomato contains lycopene in large amounts that greatly helps reduce the risk of cancer.

The study was conducted to 47,000 men aged 40-70 over six years. As a result, increased consumption of processed tomato products will increase the amount of lycopene in the blood. The men who consumed 10 dishes containing tomatoes every week were going down the risk of prostate cancer by half.

The research also shows heating tomato and its dairy products actually increases the ability of lycopene to fight free radicals. Lycopene in tomatoes is firmly attached to the fibers. To release it, tomatoes must be cooked first with a little oil because lycopene is easily soluble in oil.

In that study were also involved 30 cancer patients. Some of them received 15 mg of lycopene twice daily. After three weeks was obtained a surprising observation result. Tumors in patients who consumed lycopene turned out to be smaller.

From there was pulled a conclusion; lycopene didn't only prevent, but it helped the treatment of cancer, particularly the prostate.

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