Medical marijuana

Utilization of medical marijuana was being already since 2373 BC.

Conducted at Columbia University in 2007, results of research jolted the world. Inhaling marijuana four times a day, HIV/AIDS patients increased the body's ability to absorb food intake.

Another result of San Diego School of Medicine found that as analgene, marijuana could reduce the negative effects of HIV on the nerves. Using marijuana, people with HIV could physchologically have good moods.

Another marijuana benefit is to treat brain cancer. This positive effect had only been done on mice infected with human tumor cells. As the researcher, Complutense University of Madrid felt confident that the same thing would happen in humans.

Cancer cells were indeed lost within 26 to 30 days, but the mechanism had not been known of how the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana could kill them.

The elderly can expect cannabis to prevent Alzheimer's disease or decreased brain function. THC can resist the formation of sludge causing Alzheimer's disease, in addition to blocking clumps of protein that reduce the appearance of memory and cognitive function.

The cannabis plant is able to treat some diseases. Breast cancer, opiate dependence, migraine, hepatitis C and glaucoma are among them.

Cannabis has become one of the 50 fundamental plants in the tradition of medicine of the Bamboo Curtain in Ancient China. The utilization is ranging from leaves, seeds, flowers, stems up to the roots. This plant is used as part of first aid as analgesic properties.

The same is found in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

The utilization of medical marijuana is diverse: evaporated, eaten, drunk, contrived into capsules, or as it is commonly done, smoked.

Of course, counter opinions about marijuana as a medicine are also emerging. A professor at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, Donald Tashkin found that cannabis use has no relation to the treatment of lung cancer.

This contrasts with previous finding based on 2,240 respondents in 2006: The THC encouraged apoptosis.

Yes, marijuana is still a controversy. Deep research and dissemination of good and bad effects of cannabis still need to be done before it is completely used as a medicine.

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