Choose bean to snack

Cravings can come anytime. However, you have to be smart to choose a snack because, if you don't, your body will be stretched due to this snacking habit.

Actually, there are healthy, delicious snacks that give a longer sense of satiety. They are nuts. With their easily grasped smalls and various flavors, it's ideal to make nuts as snacks when you feel hungry between meals.

Whatever type of beans: walnuts, almonds, mung beans, peanuts or soybeans, they give the same benefits although their nutrients are different.

There are five reasons why nuts are good for everyday snacking:

1. Healthy fat

You sometimes avoid highly fatty foods for the sake of a slim body. Try eating nuts if you want to keep tasty snacking, longer satiety with healthy nutrition. Fat in nuts is unsaturated fatty acid that is good for health. Certainly, it's better when beans are boiled or baked rather than fried to avoid highly fatty content.

2. Protein

Protein in nuts is very high, so it can make you feel full longer. Meanwhile, other snacks are just consisting of carbohydrates and highly caloric sugar. Beans are the best options because your body also requires protein.

3. Heart health

Eating nuts on a regular basis, at least a handful every day for a year, can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body. LDL is one cause of coronary heart disease. Eating nuts may also reduce the risk of blood clots that is the originator of a heart attack.

4. Easy processing

Nuts are easily made into a variety of foods. Feel free to add various types of beans in your cooking, for example, mung bean soup, adzuki bean soup, nut cookies, and others.

5. Selenium

Selenium in nuts is high. Mineral in beans called glutathione peroxidase is one antioxidant that fights free radicals causing cancer.

So, prepare a handful of nuts for a healthy snack at your table every day.

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