Rebuff old flame

Old flame would be a blessing if you're a single, but not if you're already paired. Calamity is achieved instead of blessing. Once getting married, you can't keep anything more to your partner. Good or bad side, all is known.

Well, you can't remember other than the beautiful memories alone. It ain't a big problem if you're marriage ain't in trouble. The foundation is already strong. Mostly, you just meet for a moment and then return to your partner.

However, this old flame can scroll without control if you're experiencing problems with your partner. It could be a breakout that leads to your marriage. Depending on the time, it's finally ended with happiness or sorrow. What clear is your partner gets hurt.

You can do the following tips to prevent this old flame:

1. Open to your partner

Tell your spouse about a former boyfriend whom you just met back. Also tell your partner about your feelings after meeting a former lover. Open communication is important, so that your partner is vigilant and quickly pulls you back when you're already falling in a pit of old flame.

2. Realize it's useless

Realize that a return to your old lover won't produce any result when you've been in a marriage. Remind yourself repeatedly that you're married and have been quite happy with the marriage you live at this time.

3. Realize it's the past

Realize that the wonderful memories with your old lover is the past that won't happen again. You're entitled to opt not to be carried away with that feeling despite affection for the beloved.

What if you're already slipping? Look at your spouse; there must be advantages your old lover doesn't possess. Learn to be realistic. Where will your spouse and children wanna go if this dangerous relationship continues?

Will you sacrifice the household, which've been painstakingly knitted, for something with unclear future? Reflect, so that you can see yourself more clearly. Think again whether your act dealing with an old lover is right or wrong.

Consider clearly whether leaving your spouse and children commensurates with your effort to reknit relationship with your old lover. Try to talk to your spouse and repair what's been painstakingly built if there're disappointment and dissatisfaction in marriage. It'd be better.

Fleeing away by looking for happiness with an old lover can't certainly be a good solution to the problems. Old flame may come, but don't let your marriage ark rock!

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