Key for safe food

D'ya know that diarrhea, even deadly bird flu, is originated from small, neglected things in processing and treatment of food? Everything can be prevented from the following things.

1. Keep clean

Wash your hands with soap before and during processing food. Make sure your kitchen is free of insects. Clear the table, and wash all equipments for food processing, including wipes and napkins before and after use.

2. Separate equipment

Use separate knife, cutting board and container between raw and cooked foods. Fluid from raw beef, poultry and seafood can contain bacterial contaminants during processing and storing.

3. Cook properly

Cook beef, poultry, eggs and seafood properly to a temperature of about 70°C to kill pathogens.

4. Keep food at safe temperature

Keep food at safe temperature below 5°C or above 60°C in order to halt the growth of pathogenic bacteria. So, keep all perishable foods in the refrigerator. Keep food temperature over 60°C when it's ready.

5. Use clear water

Wash all fruits and vegetables in running water. Don't hesitate to discard expired, withered and rotten food. Take advantage of it as fertilizer.

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