How to make child fond of vegetable and fruit

Vegetables and fruit are indeed food sources rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, but you often have difficulty to introduce the varieties in children.

Your child also tends to be picky, only on some types of vegetables or fruit. That's all still good because many children don't even like vegetables and fruit at all!

How to get around for your little guy to like the variety of vegetables and fruit?

1. Recommend

Your duty is to introduce your child by presenting different types of fruit and vegetables in the daily menu at home. In addition, tell your child that every vegetable and fruit provides differently nutritional benefits.

2. Introduce in small portion

Give smaller portions if you wanna introduce new types of vegetables and fruit. Let your child sample every kinda vegetable or fruit in its entirety; it shouldn't be mixed with other food. This is intended to enrich your child's taste for new food.

3. Serve in preferred form

Tucking pieces of vegetables in food is one trick in serving for your baby. For example, insert vegetable in homemade meatballs, shrimp rolls, egg rolls, nugget, pizza or spaghetti. Fruit can also be given in the form of ice cream.

4. Serve in attractive form

You can serve food in the interest form, and the portion ain't too large. For example, give boiled carrot that's formed a bear, or arrangements of cauliflowers and broccolis. Likewise is the fruit.

5. Involve child in preparing process

Encourage your child to choose a menu that uses the basic ingredients of vegetables or fruit. Engage your child in making process and presentation, then together tasting. This activity will give lessons and memorable introductions of meals for your little guy.

6. Encourage child to shopping

Encourage your child to visit markets. Involve your child in choosing good fruit and vegetables. Your child must enjoy the buying and selling process that happens.

7. Visit garden, agricultural area

Create an opportunity at one time to visit an orchard or farming area. It gives a chance to see how vegetables and fruit are obtained.

8. Choose reading introducing vegetable, fruit

Choose books that have themes of vegetables and fruit. Also introduce a variety of typical vegetables and fruit of each region or country.

9. Model vegetable, fruit game

Imitation models of vegetables and fruit can be used as alternatives of your child's imaginations. You can also take advantage of vegetables and fruit as a means to play cooking, so that your child wants to taste them while playing. You can also take advantage of vegetables or fruit, whose quality ain't good, to be used as a game.

10. Give example

Your child always imitates you. Avoid forcing your child to eat a particular vegetable or fruit. You'd set an example. Express the taste of vegetables and fruit you eat, so that your child is interested to try.

11. Never give up

Don't get bored and desperate. You often make a quick decision that your child doesn't like certain vegetables and fruit. In fact, one introduction ain't enough. It takes 10 efforts to succeed.

Good luck!

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