Drink freshly

In the fresh, unprocessed state, fruit and vegetables have the ability to store vitamins in their cells and flesh. The ability to store these vitamins is lost after the cut.

The smaller the pieces are, the more parts of the fruit or vegetables are exposed to air and light. As a result, there'll be more damage, especially in vitamins B and C.

That's why juice should be consumed in a fresh state. The vitamins would decrease drastically if it's stored too long. Vitamins, such as the C, in foodstuffs decrease drastically in storage and processing. These vitamins can be damaged because they react with oxygen, metal ions, heating and neutral or high pH.

That's why a lot of vitamin C is lost in the cooking process, especially in boiled foodstuffs, because it's very unstable in the water. So, drink juice while it's fresh.

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