Remain abstinent with heartburn

Although you're with heartburn, you don't wanna miss fasting, but you're anxious. Leaving your stomach empty for four hours, gastric acid production has increased and makes heartburn recurrent.

Heartburn arises from inflammation on the surface of your stomach and increased gastric acid. Perceived symptoms are widely varied, starting from unobvious complaints such as full feeling in the stomach, pain in the pit of the stomach, no appetite, belching, nausea and vomiting, to colic, even bleeding.

Before deciding to undergo fasting, you'd first identify whether your disease is mild or severe.

You suffer from mild heartburn when the pain occasionally occurs and can be addressed immediately after eating or with stomach acid suppressant. It only appears when eating certain foods, eating too fast and too much in tired condition. It's also because of medication side effects or being depressed.

Meanwhile, heartburn is severe and chronic if it's frequently relapsing and longstanding, not easily resolved and requiring long enough treatment, and you're just out of the hospital.

You can fast if you're classified as a mild heartburn sufferer, even it'll be cured because your mealtimes become regular. However, if you're just recovered, your fasting is better delayed one-two days from not taking any medication, so that the surface layer of your stomach is completely healthy.

If you ignore it, your heartburn can be getting worse because one way to treat this disease is to keep your stomach acid production not increased. You'd ask your doctor for advice before starting fasting if your heartburn is severe or chronic.

Tips for a successful fasting if you're with heartburn:

1. Be selective in choosing food, especially if your heartburn is recurrent due to eating certain foods such as chili, stimulating spices, sour foods, soft drinks, coffee or tea.

2. Chew food thoroughly when eating. Don't rush.

3. Drink a glass of milk before fasting.

4. Start by drinking a cup of sweet tea or syrup when breaking fasting. Drink slowly.

5. Afterwards, it can be continued by eating appetizers like compote, porridge, and so on.

6. Continue with the main meal, with a portion that ain't excessive, two hour later.

7. Before going to sleep, eat fresh fruit that ain't high in calorie such as apple, papaya, watermelon or orange.

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