Jasmine against insomnia

Jasmine contains jasmone, a type of deliciously smelled ketone. This ketone is also soothing to lower body temperature. Additionally, it calms the nerves when used for massage.

1. Body odor

Thirty jasmine flowers are washed; put them in a glass of boiled water. Cover with plastic perforated into small holes. Drink it every morning for five days in a row.

2. Fever, headache

A handful of young jasmine leaves and 10 jasmine flowers are washed, crushed and given a little water until it becomes like mush. Cream on your forehead and chests.

3. Swelling caused by insect bites

A handful of jasmine flowers are washed and crushed to pieces. Stick it on the bitten, stung part.

4. Acne

Twenty jasmine petals, two fingers of tamarind and one finger of sulfur are finely grounded. Squeeze it. Give two tablespoons of lime juice. Rub on acned face twice a day.

5. Stopping breastfeeding

A handful of jasmine flowers are washed and crushed and then placed on the breasts. Do this every morning and evening before a bath for a week.

6. Insomnia

Ten centimeters of jasmine roots are washed and crushed. Give a glass of boiled water. Filter. Drink the water.

7. Pinkeye

A handful of jasmine leaves, it may also be the flowers, are washed and boiled. Drink some of the decoction. Some are used to wash the affected eyes.

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