Easy way to increase fruit consumption

Delicious and refreshing, fruit is also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fruit has effect to clean up and cool down, ideal if you fast to rest digestion.

Fruit is also believed to have healing properties and can be used as a skin mask. Fruit consumption is unfortunately a little in your society.

You ain't used to eat it since childhood, and this bad habit is carried over into adulthood. Well, the tips below may be tried to get the whole family eaten fruit, as well as met the need of vitamin C.

1. Bring some fruit practical to eat, such as banana and apple, in your pocket or in your car. Thus, you can enjoy it during your trip.

2. Insert fruit in your child's lunchbox. Alternatively, pour orange juice into the bottle to replace syrup.

3. Put a bowl of fruit on your desk.

4. Serve peeled, cut fruit on the dining table to make it more attractive, moreover if it's decorated and colorfully strung. Family members will eat it bit by bit while chatting after meals. They unknowingly eat enough fruit.

5. Keep peeled, ready-to-eat fruit always available in the refrigerator.

6. If you go to the fruit market or supermarket, buy fruit in large quantities, so that all family members are trying to eat it. It's redundant if it's left to rot.

7. Double the servings of vegetables and fruit for recipes that contain them. For instance, put four-six pieces if it contains two.

8. Sprinkle or garnish dishes with fresh fruit that's dried, marinated or made into preserves.

9. Use fruit meat as a substitute for butter.

10. Try to buy rarely eaten, untried fruit at all times, for example, star fruit, Chinese pear, sugar apple or any other exotic fruit from abroad.

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