Move your body

Don't forget exercising.

1. Do brisk walking with a speed of 100 meters per minute for 40 minutes four to five times a week.

2. Do low impact sports such as walking, cycling, swimming, Pilates or yoga.

3. Use comfortable shoes. Currently, these shoes are still branded. So be it.

4. Expose yourself to sunlight at least for 15 minutes in the morning.

5. Exercising ain't to look for sweat but to calculate the speed of your pulse with calculation of 60 to 80 percent of 220 minus your age.

6. If you're older than 40 years old, don't jog and do jumping sports like tennis and badminton because the risk of osteoarthritis is greater.

7. You'd still use soft footwear for therapy with walking on a gravel.

Did you already exercise this morning?

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