Signs you spoil your children too much

Your instinct as a parent is to care for, raise and protect your children. Making your children happy is one of them. Yes, you'd want your children always happy.

So it's commonplace when you often make your children happy by buying them something, immediately helping them when they couldn't do or simply say yes for all the things they need.

You have one thousand reasons to make your children happy. However, consider the following signs whether the ways instead pamper your children.

1. Overwhelming your children with praise

You'd praise them, but it's more effective for very young children, the ages of 0-3 years. Your children are learning to master basic skills at those ages. Giving them praise when they could throw garbage into its place will encourage them to keep doing it.

When they enter preschool, complimenting on things they should master, for example, feeding by themselves, urinating in the toilet or trashing in its place, can actually reduce the meaning. In fact, it makes your children think they eat by themselves to get your praise.

So praising your children pickily is necessary. Intend it when your children do great things or complete a new challenge.

2. Rewarding your children often with various objects

Just like compliments, buying your children something they don't actually need even reduces the meaning and value of the goods. For example, every your children's birthday, you give them expensive gifts that mayn't have been in accordance with their ages.

Getting older, your children will hope to get more expensive gifts. Conversely, your children will be very disappointed and sad when you don't give them anything. Of course, you don't want this to happen, do you?

3. Underestimating the ability of your children

You prefer to work on the purpose of your children without giving them the opportunity to do it by themselves. For example, your children wanna eat by themselves, but you tend to feed them because you don't want their clothes dirty and dining table cluttered.

In fact, your action is tantamount to letting them continue to rely on you.

It mayn't be a problem for the short term, but it'll certainly have an impact on your children's independence. Working all the needs of your children is another form of spoiling them. The problem is that you don't know whether you can continue to be near your children.

4. Helping your children without being asked

There're times when you need to be wise to keep a distance and watch first whether your children can cope with their own problems. As simple as opening the bag zipper, let them try to open it by themselves until they themselves call and ask you for help.

In short, don't do something they're actually being able to do it by themselves.

5. Letting your children too dependent on you

Letting your children constantly rely on you makes you feel you're the only person. However, the dependency is supposed to reduce as they grow up. Your children must learn to feel comfortable with people other than you, even rely on themselves.

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