Sex not therapy

Many have admitted intercourse activity can relieve stress. It comes down from the pleasure that meets instinct.

Actually, the intimacy between the two bodies for people with depression or stress is enough to relieve stress. Each feels the familiar support. So you don't need to have an orgasm to relieve that stress.

If you recognize sex can be a therapy to stress or discomfort, what mechanism makes it? You suspect it's because sex makes a scene of the release of tension, which exists before, with the achievement of orgasm. The muscles contract with tonic, clonic seizures, then they go limp back.

Sex can make you stay young, even five years younger than your age. Your body undergoes relaxation when having an orgasm. Blood vessels are open, making circulation smooth. And your heart beats stronger, so that more oxygen goes to the brain and other body parts.

Capillaries in your skin are open and filled with blood, so that oxygen are met. Your body becomes fresh like you've been exercising.

Actually, sex ain't solely limited to the encounter of two bodies or genitals. Mutual love and becoming husband and wife have a pleasant interaction, such as beautiful face or supple body, from the beginning.

Your spouse's typical aroma is not only a perfume but also blended with body fat. The touch of delicate fingers, lips on lips, all provides its own pleasure.

However, it may be reduced if the encounter is too often, or you've become husband and wife. It's become a common practice and not been exciting any more. Copulation itself is giving another chance. Arms and touch create incredible warmth, with your body meets his body.

It's like a child who's always adjacent to her teddy bear; it feels like caress and warmth have caused quite a pleasure in the embrace.

In addition, the orgasm in coitus does provide incomparable pleasure, an event as an expression of love and recreation that can always be repeated, legitimacy, as well as making the longing to re-encounter in the following days.

So why don't you mention sex as therapy? A therapy should be final, and it's the last given effort. However, as you know well, sex has many goes, for example, on the state of hyposexuality, hypersexuality, impotence, frigidity, homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, gerontophilia and masochism.

All of these abnormalities have sexual connotations. So can it be called as therapy? Therefore, these abnormal events require separate treatment, so it ain't final.

Moreover, it's as a behavior that leads to fulfillment instinct for procreating while enhancing a sense of well-being, quality of life and a statement of affection on other individuals. As for the layman, everything that ends with relief of pain or fulfillment and pleasure is referred to therapy or treatment.

Therefore, you're permitted to use sexual intercourse as an adjunct therapy to stress that interferes with welfare. Other therapies, such as physical exercise, antistress medication or antidepressants, and sometimes nerve stimulant, are very helpful.

In addition, psychological interaction and education with counselors will be providing opportunities for you to express your personal and family problems. The environmental changes are better if it's possible.

However, keep in mind, like other types of therapy, sex ain't always a way out of a problem. Generally, those who feel helped with sex therapy still require good communication, trust, honesty and acceptance.

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