Medicine cabinet

What medicines should be available at home if you have a small child?

1. Digital thermometer

2. Flashlight

3. Fever syrup

4. Rehydration fluids

5. Hydrocortisone ointment

6. Alcohol swabs, to clean the thermometer

7. Scissors

8. Petroleum jelly, to lubricate the thermometer

9. Ointments

10. Liquid antiseptic, for wounds

11. Sunblock, that's safe for children

12. Plasters of various sizes, gauzes and cotton

13. Dropper

14. Syringe without needle

15. Spoon, to provide syrup

16. Heating pad

17. Hot water bottle

18. Ice pack

19. Epinephrine kit, for severely life-threatening allergy

Don't forget to check expiration regularly. It hopefully helps you who have a small child at home.

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